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Jisbar is today one of the most prominent figures of his generation in the world of pop-street art.


Jisbar is today one of the most prominent figures of his generation in the world of pop-street art. Jisbar has exhibited in a dozen galleries around the world and in prestigious museums such as Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi, the National Museum of Immigration’s History in Paris, the Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz California, the Technology and Maritime Museum in Malmo (Sweden), the Postcard Museum in Bau (France) and more recently the Louvre Museum in Paris (France). Not to mention galleries in Italy, USA, France, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Greece and in the UK… His works, a mix of reality and fiction, offer another perspective on the outside world. The artist has worked with important players from the fashion industry and entertainment business such as DJ Snake, Cardi B, Miss Europe Committee, JM Weston, Giorgio Armani, Sofitel, G-Shock, L’Oreal, Belvedere, BMW, and l’Officiel design…

In 2019, Jisbar was the first artist to exhibit a painting into the outer space in orbit around Earth.

For 10 years now, Jisbar’s art has been moving the benchmark in pop culture with mischievous irony. His work is best known for his (re)interpretations of classical and historical paintings. His creations are an invitation to discover or rediscover the most famous works of art mixed with the codes of pop culture, bringing a touch of modernity and making them more understandable to people who are usually less sensitive to them. Each artwork is more than just a homage, as it has been enriched with words, sentences, numbers, and drawings that create a whole new story to decrypt and push the audience to focus on every single detail so they can find new elements at every new glance. In many of his works, he uses classics of surrealism, from Picasso to Dali, which he reworks with a sense of detail and a desire to blend in with our modern world. Jisbar likes to say that each of his works represents “moments of life”, like a memory that is immortalized in a photo album. This nostalgia for a past era and the angelicism of childhood is frozen in his paintings, where the power of fundamental Colors plays a predominant role. This sincerity pushes the viewer to focus on each detail to understand the entire message. Jisbar is an artist who paints in a hurry. He strives to externalize his creative spontaneity.

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