Country : France


[The text in the work] are ideas, things that go through my mind, associations of ideas, things that I hear on TV or on the radio, quotes from music, emotions that I feel at the time, quotes that make me feel good … it’s a mix of lots of things that go through my mind consciously or not.

Artist Miami Museum


Artist Jean-Baptiste Launay, better known as Jisbar, has earned critical acclaim for his colorful, cryptic reinterpretations of iconic paintings and figures from art history. Jisbar’s hyper-saturated works blend Pop art with cultural references and motifs inspired by fashion, music, street art, and skateboard culture.

In 2019, Jisbar became the first artist to have a painting flown to space with his punk rock version of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa which circled the Earth for close to two hours. Jisbar’s bold, kitschy fusion of Pop/street styles has led to collaborations with brands like BMW and Georgio Armani, as well as popular recording artists like DJ Snake and Cardi B. His works have been exhibited across the world in, France, Belgium, USA, London, Bangkok, Taiwan, Italy and Dubai as well as in major institutions such as the National Museum for the History of Immigration in Paris, the Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi and more recently Le Louvre in Paris.


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Pimax exhibits a critique of consumerism, offering a reflection on the past and present. His work has significant energy, symbolizing the vitality of not only our memories, but our imagination as well.