Jacq Kino

I don’t want a painting to look like something that it isn’t. I want it to look like what it is. I want it to look like what it is. And I think that a painting looks more like the real world when it is composed of elements of the real world.


CÉVÉ was born in Paris, France, in 1951. She specializes in contemporary sculpture.

Eric Alfaro

Eric Alfaro is a Cuban artist based in the United States whose paintings have been exhibited in America and Europe.


The human figure is at the heart of Carolus’ paintings, more precisely the face.

Mario Henrique

Graduated in Design from Lisbon’s University of Fine Arts

Donald Sultan

Donald Sultun is a contemporary painter best known for his use of industrial materials to depict everyday subjects.


BYC is a Swiss based artist with a reimagined vision of Street and Contemporary Art.

Gaspard Mitz

In his Box Stories, Gaspard Mitz sets up miniature characters in bigger-than-life scenarios.