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Miami art scene
Celebrating Eat Your Life
A "Here and Now"... with a modern twist!
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Palm Beach
Palm Beach Show 2023
The Carousel Team was pleased to welcome local and international collectors to The 20th Palm Beach Show.
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Palm Beach
Art Palm Beach Fair 2023
Carousel kick-starting the new year at the Art Palm Beach Fair
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Context Art Miami 2022
Carousel Fine Art at CONTEXT Art Miami 2022 November 29 – December 30, 2022 Opening Soon
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New Depths by Eric Alfaro
Eric Alfaro dives into human sensibilities through tender, intentional motions that ultimately reveal realistic paintings.
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Solo Exhibition At 1000 Museum
Whether you are looking to get inspired for your next design project, are a design lover looking to scroll through fabulous designs,
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Palm Beach
Palm Beach Show 2022
Artists may use printmaking tools as a means of expressing themselves and creating their works of art.
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Bridgehampton Art Fair 2021
Carousel's first art fair took place in Brighehampton, NY in August 2021
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Context Art Miami Fair 2021
Rated one of the best curated booth at Context Art Miami 2021
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Palm Beach
Palm Beach Modern & Contemporary Show
Artists may use printmaking tools as a means of expressing themselves and creating their works of art.

A Fine Art Gallery Representing Both Emerging And Established Artists From Around The World

A Fine Art Gallery Representing Both Emerging And Established Artists From Around The World

Constantly seeking fresh works from inspiring studios, our mission is to connect collectors of all levels with art they will admire for generations.Our innovative team is known for disrupting traditional marketing standards, bringing art to the forefront of design, real estate and technology. Whatever the art needs may be, we offer the highest level of service to make sure your wishes are fulfilled.
Allow us to facilitate any questions and ideas you may have about our works or specific projects. Carousel Fine Art’s passionate team of advisors are delighted to bring your art dreams to life.


Manolo Valdez
An accomplished painter and sculptor, Manolo Valdés (born in 1942 in Valencia, Spain) is one of the most celebrated living Spanish contemporary artist.
Jordi Diez
Graduated Summa Cum Laude in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, the sculptor Jordi Díez opened his first workshop in Fresnedillas de la Oliva (Madrid) in 1989
lunch at the museum (okusai) 100x81
[The text in the work] are ideas, things that go through my mind, associations of ideas, things that I hear on TV or on the radio, quotes from music, emotions that I feel at the time, quotes that make me feel good … it’s a mix of lots of things that go through my mind consciously or not.
Jean-Daniel Lorieux
I love a turquoise ocean, a horizontal line, a blue sky...I like to depict the beauty of a woman, the beauty of life.

Savor Living Well

Virtual Art Fair

Carousel invites you to visit our exhibition at the Porsche design tower.

the viewing focuses on carousel fine art’s main board of artists as well as partner galleries’ works. Each offers a series of pieces available in Miami with worldwide shipping. please click the link below to be directed to the tour:


Carousel Art Group – is the leading multi-channel art distributor on the East Coast working as a turn key art service for businesses and private collectors. We offer anything from curating, art handling, blue chip locating, to fine art staging  in multi-million dollar properties.

For more information, please visit our website at 


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Photographs exhibition at the Palm Beach Showroom. Opens January 5th (5-8 pm)
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Design District partnership with BOFFI
Carousel Fine Art Chicago Pop-up
Celebrating a new chapter in Miami
2020 : After Carousel’s decision to not open in the South Seaport District, NYC.
Yahoo Finance
Philippe Horowicz went from a small town in the Alps of Switzerland to living the American Dream in one of the major cities in the United States – Miami.
Carousel's grand opening in the design district
After a successful start of the year and momentum from the most talked about art event of the year, Art Move Out at the Porsche Design Tower,
Grand Opening
We are happy to invite you to our grand opening march 13th!!
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View our exhibition
Carousel Art Group’s hosted the most unique and exclusive art fair of the year in the PH4005 of the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach.