Country : France

Gregory Watin


French artist, Gregory Watin, has been internationally recognized for his very unique “urban” style for nearly two decades. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions across Europe and the United States.

Gregory immerses himself in all things that give strength to the urban landscapes. His process begins with photography; the images later serving as a sketch in the foreground of his work. He finds structures marked by time and gathers all elements, both photographed and tangible, in order to build a universe around these places. In his work, Watin tries to give these moments a second breath of life by using bright colors and inlaying various found objects like wood, cardboard, papers, bubble wrap and plexiglass.

Watin has the tendency to work in urgency – to seize an idea before it gets away. The instant gestures, collages and urges give his discovered moments a reincarnated life of their own. Inside his work and style, he has created a contemporary poetry from daily materials and people all around the world. He aims to make his viewers feel a colored and rhythmic sensation of urbanity, rather than sad and doomed.


Selected Works

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