Country : France

Cedric Bouteiller


Cédric Bouteiller is a French multidisciplinary urban artist known for his complex and layered mixed-media works. Born in 1970, he studied Fine Arts and Philosophy in Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence. Bouteiller is a passionate traveler who uses photographs taken while walking through major cities – these photographs then transform into striking abstractions. Architectural elements of cities like New York, Shanghai, Paris, and Marseilles accompany an array of symbols – tags, signs, and human figures later altered by new technologies, collage, graphic design, drawing, and painting. Bouteiller’s multifaceted work often includes photography, graffiti, and graphic design layered on resin lacquered aluminum. By reversing the familiar space of the modern concrete jungle into a fusion of abstractions and urban iconographies, he gives a new rhythm to the city and invites us to feel this timeless urban symphony. Bouteiller’s work has been exhibited internationally in many group and solo exhibitions.

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