Born in Nicaragua in the 60s of Spanish descent on her father’s side. She studied Interior Design in Miami Dade and earned an “Architettura D’Interni” degree in Rome.

The first part of her artistic life was spent in Miami designing and manufacturing a unique collection of artistic metal furniture celebrated and exhibited worldwide.

For Alexandra Diez, it felt natural to evolve from the geometry and organic curves of her artistic metal pieces to conjuring up endless forms made out of canvas.

These imagined forms are drawn on raw canvas, hand cut and saturated with acrylic color. The forms are adhered to a raw canvas background equally treated with various layers of color. She has named this unique process Raw Canvas Fusion.

Alexandra Diez has always been intrigued by the underlying space or emptiness that is behind and beyond all things in the world. In her work she re-colors this empty space and gives new imagined shape to the forms that appear as separate from it, knowing all the time that both are part of an ever changing composition of the one essence.