Presenting Hallie Heart

This week is dedicated to Hallie Hart, an American born artist from New York City.

November 8, 2022


This week is dedicated to Hallie Hart, an American born artist from New York City. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an M.A. in English Literature. Beyond her passion for creative writing, Hart is deeply engaged in the canon of abstract expressionism. She interned for painter Annaleis van Dommelen in Holland, sparking a dedication to abstraction that led her to build a name for herself as a prominent abstract painter today.

Represented by some of the biggest galleries in the world, Hallie is also working towards her solo sculpture and painting exhibition at the Museo del Parco Portofino in the Spring of 2020 and has been officially inducted into the museum as the first American woman. In addition, Hart will be presented by The Rubell Family Collection and Contemporary Arts Foundation, the foundation is now one of the world’s largest, privately owned, publicly accessible contemporary art collections; which will included her at Art Basel Miami 2019. She will also be exhibiting at Florence Biennale 2020. Lastly, Hart will be presenting her much anticipated Documentary film following the lives of four emerging artists titled “Turn Your Insides Out”.

Carousel and Hallie have decided, as an addition to her original pieces, to offer a small edition of Fine Art Print on plexiglass. 2 sizes are now available …

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