2020 : After Carousel’s decision to not open in the South Seaport District, NYC. The team instead focused on the pop up location in San Fransisco, California. Carousel Fine Art’s sister gallery Trace Contemporary  exhibiting artists like Retna, Orlinski and many others for 12 months.

2021 : Staging partnership with Vesta Home, who is the leading luxury home staging company in the country. Together, Carousel & Vesta have worked on dozens multimillion dollar listings in all three States. Vesta Home, which is based in California, provides interior design services as well as home staging in all 3 States – California, Florida and New-York.

2021 – 2022 : Carousel believes in the growth of the artists. That growth happens when the artists’ works are showcased in more than one market. 2021 & 2022 became the year where Carousel and a dozen galleries rotated pieces within their spaces.

2022 : Carousel Fine Art teamed up with luxury building 1000 Museum and hosted the first solo exhibition of artist & designer Caroline Dechamby in the USA. The 3 days exhibition focused on the Dechamby concept of bringing the art to the women’s arms. Limited edition luxury goods, one of a kind watches and furniture were the focal points of the show.

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