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Simone D’auria

Simone D’Auria is an Italian architect and designer.


Simone D’Auria is an Italian artist

Son of the seventies, he grew up in a culture immersed in the aesthetic of revolution and politics. The counterculture atmosphere of those years indelibly influenced his distinct style development. Deeply inspired by Italian designer Bruno Munari, D’Auria ardently followed his vocation to be an artist. D’Auria’s ability to assimilate to different parts of the world allows him to approach art with a culturally conscious design. 

Some of his most prestigious collaborations include: Triennale Milan exhibiting , St. Moritz Art Masters, MoMa Museum, Museo Tamayo, Carousel Fine Art Galleries in Miami, Palm Beach & Saint-Tropez, Solo exhibition with CFA Saint-Tropez, Bridgehampton Art Fair, Context Art Miami and the Palm Beach Modern & Contemporary Fair.

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