Country : Los Angeles

Sandy & Shelby


Shelby and Sandy are Los Angeles-based artists (AND brothers!) who are known for creating modern, contemporary art inspired by nostalgia and culture. Their work incorporates recurring motifs such as 1990’s cartoon characters, athletes, clouds, pirates and other popular culture references that they loved as kids.
Taking advantage of Instagram’s growing platform, they quickly gained attention from high-profile celebrities and collectors, and since then, they’ve created art for Zac Efron, Nick Cannon, Bradley Cooper, Lucy Hale, and David Dobrik (to name a few) and collaborated with countless brands.
Speaking of their collaboration and process, Shelby said “we will work on a painting until every color is correct, every line is crisp until we deem it a success. Each painting is a complete 50/50 collaboration.

Selected Works

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Pimax exhibits a critique of consumerism, offering a reflection on the past and present. His work has significant energy, symbolizing the vitality of not only our memories, but our imagination as well.