Country : Canada

Rock Therrein


Born in 1970 in Armagh, Quebec, Rock Therrien is attracted to art from an early age. He trained himself to master visual arts, thanks to a true love for creation. His works are found today in several private and public collections around the world. He lives and works in the heart of the Laurentians region.

Rock Therrien draws his ideas from everyday life, music, and memories of his childhood. As he seeks to capture the viewer’s attention through the subject of his work and his palette of colors, his explosively vibrant works are always lined with a touch of humor. His latest production focuses on universal icons of cartoons. These timeless characters, known and loved by young and older people alike, provide a feeling of cheerfulness, inevitably reminding the viewer of his own childhood memories. A superposition of collages, repetitive patterns made with stencils and various writings adorn the background. The works of Rock Therrien have significant texture and depth that make the viewer smile with nostalgic humor. The artist likes to hint at the stages of construction of his compositions and his sketches.

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