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Onemizer was bom in 1987 in the South of France. His childhood was spent in Africa where he discovered art for the first time and watercolors. After returning to France in his teenage years, he discovered graffiti in the streets of Paris. The Paris metro, the highways and graffiti along the Parisian freeways were his museums. Later, he began painting in wastelands and abandoned warehouses, little by little perfecting his technique.
After high school, Onemizer studied art in design school, but opted to continue teaching himself. Little by little, he started to paint on canvas, and show his work in luxury hotels, restaurants and bars. His first exhibitions were in Bordeaux and Paris, today exhibiting in numerous international galleries (Paris, Courchevel Megève, Cannes, Singapore, Honfleur, London, Bordeaux, Hossegor, Go Gallery in Amsterdam, Street Art Gallery in Dubai Barbizon…).
He has worked with one hundred other international artists to produce the biggest graffiti on canvas in Dubai in November 2014, which has been validated and will appear in the Guinness Book.
He takes inspiration from the classic pop artists such as Basquiat, Warhol… from his daily ife, his surroundings, and from the street art scene. He likes to work on lettering, to revisit portraits of personalities or objects that have marked history or his personal history. Over time. Onemizer developed a wide range of different styles, combining graffis, tags, drippings and especially a multitude of colors.
He uses a wide range of techniques: spray paint, stencils, drawings, posca, brushes, ink, and sometimes even directly his hands. Onemizer constantly renews his art, likes to change techniques and supports… The visual impact and the clash of colors make each of his paintings more interesting than the last.

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