Country : France

L’ Atlas


Jules Dedet, most known as L’ATLAS, is a French contemporary artist born in 1978. Fascinated by the history of calligraphy, he invented his own typographic language under methodical lines of a map. Arabic calligraphy and geometry get together to reveal a unique and subtle optical art that invade walls, floor, and canvases. With a contemptuous exactness, he masters the verticals lines like no one else in order to deliver a hidden but communicative message. L’ATLAS does not mince his words but uses them in an infinite number of ways.

L’ATLAS’ artworks can be seen worldwide from building façades to paintings directly on the ground, such as the one commissioned by the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris or the one at the Palace Capitol in Toulouse. He also collaborated with international brands, such as Perrier, Agnès B and Guerlain.

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