Country : Mexico



“Plant a seed in the viewer’s mind, let them decide if it lives or dies.”
Kaï’s self-named ANTI-advertising harnesses commercial aesthetics to share positive, anti-consumerist messages. His multimedia approach spans painting, sculpture, mural and collage – created with a range of materials including spray-paint, acrylic, wood and cement. The protagonist of his work is a minimalist cartoon character named IF, or Imaginary Friend. Based on the archetypal WC sign, IF is designed to have no discernable race, gender or status, so as to symbolise social inclusivity. When realising new incarnations of IF, Kaï draws inspiration from elements of his cultural heritage and artistic upbringing, including the French comics his Tunisian father gave him as a child and traditional Mexican relief techniques passed on from his mother.

Selected Works

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Pimax exhibits a critique of consumerism, offering a reflection on the past and present. His work has significant energy, symbolizing the vitality of not only our memories, but our imagination as well.