Country : Spain

Javier Leon Perez

My textures are a poetics of referring to the idea of infinity.


“My textures are a poetics of referring to the idea of infinity. The sensory poetry of my works is a form of message that relates, makes the intention, says, points … but sometimes it does not intend to say anything and it is in that silence when poetry acts as a fertile place where new possibilities arise ”.

“If the artwork is contains a soul, is capable of generating with its environment what I call” atmosphere of unity and can make the cosmic flow sensitive to human perception”.

Javier León Pérez.

In Javier´s art works the detailed process, by an the eternal repetition of small elements. His pieces and installations connect with the rhythms found in nature and in the cosmos. His main media is the Japanese paper where he investigates the forms, play of lights and folds, finding a very personal way for expression.

The Experience lived by the viewer in front the art work is of great concern for the artist. Javier is interested in the viewer´s ability to project itself as they look, almost inevitably. In this sense, the artist conceives his works as a skin that acts like a soundbox that allows the viewer listen to its own thoughts and see itself recognised and immersed in a sensory experience.

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