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Daniel Mazzone


Daniel Mazzone was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As part of an artistic family, he was surrounded by a world of visual concepts and expression. His mother was an art instructor, and Mazzone became particularly interested in the composition and production of stained glass at a young age. During his school days, teachers and fellow students alike saw his inherent artistic ability and potential. The youthful exploration of his artistic talents were pushed aside when he became homeless at the age of 15. Once Mazzone got back on his feet a few years later, he pushed himself to explore his true passions again.

All his inspirations flooded back after watching an art documentary film and was invigorated to create art purely for the joy of it, reminiscent of his childhood. A friend was so impressed by Daniel’s first piece he begged to display it in his Toronto restaurant. Mazzone agreed, with the stipulation that his first artwork would not be available for sale. But his work spoke for itself and Mazzone received a call – it was just purchased for $14,000. He was initially in utter disbelief that someone could love and value his art enough to pay for it. His dreams of being recognized as a true artist were unfolding before his eyes. It was from this point where he understood that success could be achieved with passion, persistence and dedication.

In 2013, Mazzone began exhibiting at both the Canadian Heritage Art Company and at Hazelton Fine Art Gallery for the next two years. It was not until the Toronto International Art Fair in late 2014 where his artwork really caught the attention of the renowned Tanenbaum family, whom are part of the top 200 art collectors in the world.

Since then, Mazzone has been making waves nonstop across North America. In May 2015, he did his first show, “Torn Apart”, in New York City at the Carriage House Arts Center and in December made his official Art Basel Miami debut at 1 Hotel South Beach, “A Walk Through Life”, selling out his entire collection of 25 pieces at the show. Some notable buyers from this show were François-Henry Bennahmias, Randy Frankel and José Bautista, where Bautista purchased 5 pieces on opening night and has since commissioned a number of works from Mazzone.

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