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Born in the Netherlands, the daughter of a father architect and a mother painter, Caroline grew up in an artistic environment.


Born in the Netherlands, the daughter of a father architect and a mother painter, Caroline grew up in an artistic environment.

On the walls and the ceiling of her bedroom, her mother’s reproductions of Magritte’s painting made her dream. Another world opened for her, and she was fascinated by this artist and wanted to learn French. Perhaps, it was in that childhood bedroom that her passion for painting was born.

At 19, after high school, she went to Paris to start a career in modeling, where she stayed for several years, and started to paint. She met many photographers – some of whome still follow her today.

Some time later, though her career was very successful, Caroline yearned to have a family. She got married and moved to Switzerland, where she gave birth to her two children. Painting was then her secret garden, that personal space where she cultivated her bright colors and her good mood.

While her children grew up, life played a trick on Caroline.

She decided not to be daunted and to focus on the bright side. To take a step away from the negativity, she moved to Crans-Montana for its pure air and nature. Painting became a full-time activity and Caroline truly began her self-taught artistic career.

The artistic career

  • 1997 : Caroline opens her first small art gallery and workshop in Crans-Montana. Painting is her official livelihood.
  • 2000 : Thanks to her success, Caroline opens a larger art gallery as she continues painting and creating. Her work expands internationally with exhibitions in London, Milan and Holland. It is during this time that she discovers the painting on Plexiglas technique. From a hyperrealist style, her art evolves to a form of « refreshed Pop Art », incorporating a staging game by combining canvas and Plexiglas.
  • 2006 : Caroline opens an even bigger gallery in the famous Rue du Prado in Crans-Montana. This Gallery, which extends throughout three floors, is designed as a Concept-Store and reflects the growth in Caroline’s success.
  • 2008 : Caroline starts to incorporate gemstones in her plexiglas. These precious stones begin to trancend her art into the world of luxury. At the same time, her paintings are exhibited in Paris, Beirut, Singapore and in the Bologna Fair.
  • Early 2014 : Caroline decides to bring her paint out off the canvas and to put it on women’s arm. She launches her concept « Art and Luxury », creating her leather goods brand and her own line of luxury unique watches. These creations, bags and timepieces in limited edition, are worn as numbered artist proofs.
  • Autumn 2015 : The brand Caroline Dechamby is noticed at the Paris Fashion Week, leading Caroline to negotiate with one of the greatest actors in fashion in New York.
  • Autumn 2016 : Caroline signs Public Relation contract for the United States.
  • December 2016 : Caroline becomes a godmother for the Little Dreams Foundation of Miami and her “Art and Luxury” concept is exhibited at the OC CONCEPT STORE of Orianne Collins in the Miami Design District.
  • January 2017 : Caroline opens a new showroom, workshop and international distribution center for her derived products and to create new major artpieces in her appropriation technique.
  • Spring 2017 : Caroline adds three new leather goods collections at her luxury brand, as well as a new art watches in unique piece.
  • Spring 2018 : Caroline opens a new Luxury Concept Store in Saint-Tropez.
  • January 2019 : Caroline is preparing a new collection of paintings.
  • Spring 2019 : After a very successful season in Saint-Tropez, the Dechamby Team decided to reopen the Concept Store to present the paintings and the new collections of derivated products. Caroline is also preparing a new collection of paintings in collaboration with famous graffiti-artist, Weeno.
  • Summer 2019: Caroline is exclusively represented in the United States by Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis/New York.
  • Winter 2019 : Caroline Dechamby is honored to be a part of the Cornell Art Museum by representating the intersection of contemporary art and fashion. Including her painted overalls directly in her art work.
  • January 2020 : Long-Sharp represents Caroline Dechamby during the Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair with big succes.
  • February 2020 : Long-Sharp Gallery presents Caroline Dechamby at Art Wynwood Fair in Miami.

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