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Brendan Murphy


Brendan Murphy (B 1971 ) is a world-renowned contemporary artist whose works are found in prominent private collections and public displays worldwide. Famous collectors include Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Larry Page, Warren Buffett, Ryan Gosling, Grant Cardone among many others.
Since his early career, Brendan has blended abstract and figurative forms to reveal meaning with deeper contemplations through his sculpture and painting pieces. Brendan believes it is in art’s potential that we can most universally transmit positive energy. He recognizes the effect this energy, when experienced as a collective, can have on society as a whole.

The sculptural work of Brendan Murphy communicates a rare perspective on the modern human experience through explorations of form, color, language, and universal symbols. Thematically, Brendan Murphy explores the interplay of beauty, power, and the need to understand the source of all the energies of life.
The inspirations of the work; formulas, equations, and relationships; create a visual spectrum of human emotion and the unifying natures of shared humanity. Through the layering of these emblems, Brendan Murphy’s painted works boldly portray careful imagery and density of the human experience, exposing the deep natural beauty that surface in this fragile balance.

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