Country : North London

Andrew Cotton


Originally from North London, Cotton received his art education at the prestigious Central St. Martins School of Art in Holborn, London. His work is now found in galleries throughout the US, luxury hotels, corporate headquarters, and private residences.

Although there is an edgy style that spans his repertoire of contemporary portraits, urban landscapes, and abstract explorations, there is also a certain authenticity that dates back generations. Cotton’s father and grandfather owned a printing company in East London doing printing and design work for large retail and clothing stores. Cotton grew up seeing first-hand the techniques of block, offset, silkscreen, and commercial printing processes and pulls direct inspiration from those early formative years through his own use of wheat pasting, paper collage, and large-scale Xerox prints.

Being a teenager in East London during the graffiti boom, Cotton was immediately drawn to the pioneers of the UK graffiti scene. But, wanting to develop his career as an international artist, he found himself residing in New York City at the early age of 24. Here he found inspiration in the DIY aesthetic of the street art market.

Cotton’s signature raw aesthetic gained notoriety in the art circles of East Hampton. Working in contemporary portraiture, abstract painting and text driven proses, his visual vocabulary expanded. Currently, his artwork has been represented in contemporary galleries in the US and he has been showcased at international art fairs.

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