After the closing of our New York location in April, Carousel decided to focus on collaborating with similar Galleries all over the country. Our first partner who is based in San Fransisco is Trace Contemporary. Located one block from Union Square, Trace is the up and coming contemporary gallery in San Fransisco. Link below:

Our second gallery partner is located in Miami Florida and has been working with our B2B department for over 2 months by providing fine art to several multi-million dollar listings in Palm Beach and Miami. Blink Group represents very unique international and emerging artists from all over the world. Link below:

Our third partnership has been with Vesta Home who is the leading luxury home staging in the country. Together we have worked on several multimillion dollar listings and many more on the way. Vesta Home, which is based in California, provides interior design services as well as home staging in all 3 States – California, Florida and New-York. Link below:

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